Emergency repairs are being carried out to stop the collapse of the Maryport sea wall.

Allerdale council has stepped up to fix Maryport sea wall which was in danger of collapse. A huge hole inside the sea wall was a worry for resident Jeff Harris of Maryport. 

Mr Harris posted a video to the council showing that water damage had carved out a hole inside the wall. He said: "It's slowly being eaten away from the inside by the sea. I'd put money on it eventually collapsing."

There are fears that should the wall collapse, high tide and heavy rainfall could flood the harbour including the newly restored lighthouse. 

During a question and answers session at Maryport Town Council, chairman Peter Kendall said that he did not know who should fix the wall. "The issue will be to define who is responsible for it," he said.

He asked: "Is it Allerdale's responsibility?" However, Mr Kendall added: "We looked at it, it's being dealt with."

Maryport Harbour Authority confirmed that the shoreline is the responsibility of Allerdale council. The council have since sent a team to fill the hole, picking up the cost for the build as it is its land.

An Allerdale council spokesman said: "It's all being filled in with rubber and concrete. That should be done by end of play on January 11."

The public have been asked to stay away from the works.

The spokesman said concrete was being placed over the hole to stop the sea causing damage again.

People have been asked to keep away from the work.