A NORTH West supermarket chain has reported strong Christmas sales.

Booths recorded a 3.3 per cent sales increase over the three weeks to January 5, with Christmas profits growing ahead of sales - 4.5 per cent up on 2017.

Traditional Christmas favourites were among the most popular products, with sales for turkey and trimmings growing by 10 per cent. Booths smoked salmon sales were up nearly 25 per cent. Sales of Booths gammon were also up 25 per cent. The biggest selling wine by value was Booths Prosecco, with sales of Malbec wines up 50 per cent. Booths sold 65,000 bottles of gin and 500,000 bottles of ale and lager. Sales of low alcohol wine increased by 35 per cent.

Chairman and CEO, Edwin Booth, CBE said: “I’m very proud of the dedication shown by our colleagues and suppliers this Christmas. Great credit goes to the teams who worked tirelessly throughout the year to deliver the very best service, range and value for our Booths customers, both in our Northern heartland and beyond. I’m delighted with our Christmas performance.”