THE Leader of Cumbria’s top tier authority has admitted that he agrees with Donald Tusk’s controversial comments for those who campaigned for Brexit without a plan.

The President of the European Council’s remarks aimed at high-profile Brexiteers has provoked outrage, with calls from cabinet ministers for him to apologise for his “disgraceful” and “spiteful” broadside, after he said there was a 'special place in hell' for those who campaigned for Brexit without a plan.

But speaking at today’s (February 2) meeting of the county council cabinet, Coun Stewart Young publicly endorsed the views of the outspoken Polish politician.

Coun Young made the remarks as he responded to questions about the financial uncertainty and the prospect of an emergency spring budget in the event of a ‘no deal Brexit’.

He said: “We don’t want a big debate on Brexit, but it is important because, when the Chancellor made his statement, you may recall he had a windfall of £30bn.

“He became aware of it shortly before his statement, which enabled him to fund the pledge that the Prime Minister had made which at that time was totally unfunded – and he was able to allocate £20bn for the NHS over the next five years, which is lower than the funding levels they used to get.

“But he did make it very clear that if we get a no deal Brexit then everything’s off the table – and there will be an emergency budget – there would have to be an emergency budget and there’s no guarantee that even that £20bn would be secure let alone funding for other Local Government Services. So that’s what a perilous situation we are in. And I have to say I can only agree with the comments recently made by Donald Tusk on the subject.”

Tusk also made some stern remarks for those who’d been on the other side of the argument, accusing those who still want the UK to stay in the EU of having “no political force, and no effective leadership”.

Tusk had also appeared to laugh about the comments as he left the stage with the Taoiseach, the Irish leader, Leo Varadkar.