A landslide on the railway line between Whitehaven and Workington has caused disruption and a 5mph reduced speed for trains.

Northern Rail confirmed the incident on the Northern Assist Twitter account this morning.

Although trains are now running, travellers have been advised to make allowances for delays.

A replacement bus service has been issued for passengers who were left stranded between Workington and Whitehaven this morning following cancellations.

Northern Assist have since added: "Due to a landslip on the single line between Workington and Whitehaven, an emergency restriction has been put in place and trains are having to run at 5mph."

A representative of Network Rail said: “Heavy rainfall has caused a small amount of material to be washed onto one of the railway tracks between Harrington and Parton. This is close to a site where we are already repairing a landslip which happened in November 2018."

They said: "We will remove the earth from the railway as quickly as possible before carrying out safety checks and fully reopening the line."

More on this situation as it unfolds.