It was the men who nearly stole the show at an International Women's Day event on Saturday.

Refugees families living in Whitehaven and Seaton joined women from all over West Cumbria to celebrate women with a party at the Maryport Settlement.

During the more formal part of the afternoon when everyone was welcomed by organiser Nikki Shaw and when people shared stories of inspirational women in their lives, the families from Iraq and Syria sat apart from the locals.

Ms Shaw explained: "We were unable to organise an interpreter which was a real shame."

Interpretation did not matter once the afternoon tea came out, however,

Showing their willingness to join in, the Middle Eastern families produced some of their own tasty fare to a bountiful buffet of cakes and savouries.

They chatted with the West Cumbrians as their children played table football and pool or did felt craft.

Claire Shepherd from Zuza Recycling did a presentation which, more than explaining her products, ensured audience participation and a bit of fun.

But the real highlight came when the refugee men got up to demonstrate their dances and when one man was joined by his little "Spiderman" son, the notion of celebrating women was soon replaced by the idea of embracing men, women and children from around the world.

Ms Shaw said Saturday had been a start.

"I am delighted with the way the day has gone. Now we need to start planning something for next year."

Kelly Davis from West Cumbria Refugee Support said the event had been enjoyed by the Middle Eastern families, too: "As well as meeting the locals here it gave them a chance to catch up. They don't all live in the same area so this was great for them, too."