THE average age of pupils in classrooms at a primary school near Cockermouth was boosted by a successful series of Grandparent Days.

Youngsters at Eaglesfield Paddle School decided they would like to invite their grandparents into school one day.

The visits were such a success they will become an annual event.

Teacher Claire Langstaff said: "We thought this would provide a fantastic opportunity for grandparents or carers to come into school and spend a lesson in their grandchild’s classroom and enjoy the learning that takes place, then afterwards stay and sample some delicious home-cooked food from our school kitchen.

"Due to the high demands we had to stagger the visits over a few weeks but what a wonderful time everyone had."

The grandparents took part in lessons such as computing, Maths, learning about the past and writing an account about how to ‘Babysit Grandpa without telling your parents what you get up to’.

"But the most wonderful thing was the interaction and chat that took place between the generations, showing how learning can be fun," said Mrs Langstaff.

“The event has proved so popular that we will be definitely making this an annual event following the feedback from our guests.

"It was an amazing way to bring the Paddle family closer together and have the time and opportunity to learn from grandpas and grandmas.

"We have receive messages and cards thanking us for such an enjoyable day.

"One spoke of 'A room full of happiness and joy', another said 'I loved this opportunity and the chance to spend some quality time with my granddaughter'."