The Bishop of Carlisle, James Newcome, and other church leaders will visit Cockermouth on Tuesday as part of their ‘pilgrimage’ around the county.

He will be accompanied by the new Bishop of Penrith, Emma Ineson, in her first month as bishop. Revd Richard Teale, chairman of the Methodist District, will join the party, together with Archdeacon Richard Pratt.

Having spent the morning in Workington, they will arrive in Cockermouth at about 4.30pm where they will walk through the town to the Health Centre, for a reception with patients and staff and a visit to the hospital ward. Afterwards, they will go to the Highfield Community Centre for their bingo evening, where they will chat to local residents and join in the fun.

The Rector of Cockermouth, Canon Godfrey Butland, said: "We look forward to welcoming our church leaders to the town. They hope to meet as many people as possible, reminding us all of God’s presence among us."