PARKING problems and bike routes in Cockermouth were two issues discussed at this week's Annual Parish Meeting.

County, borough and town councillors gathered at the town hall for the annual event.

Former town councillor Jim Hully highlighted the problem of fishbone parking in Market Place.

"We were promised there would be none following the work, a letter I had from the county council categorically said that there should not be fishbone parking," he said.

"There are two parking places and one disabled space in front of Little Basil but you get six people there, overlapping."

Councillor Rebecca Hanson said: "We are due to have some road marking changes coming through in a couple of months. It should be clearly marked then, it's not clearly marked at the moment."

Mr Hully also highlighted issues with the cycleway which links Brigham and Cockermouth.

"With regard to the cycle routes I have had a number of people ask me about the problem from the roundabout where the sewage works is. The problem is the cycleway stops there, it needs to be extended," he said.

Councillor Alan Kennon said: "We are looking into that, trying to find some funding.

"There's going to be quite a lot of work done on that roundabout. We will see if we can link it up with the Greenway and get it adopted by Sustrans."