Modern facilities at a new sports stadium can benefit the community as a whole, say some of the regulars on the terraces at Workington Reds.

There has been some controversy over plans for a new stadium in Workington to be used by the town’s football and rugby league club.

But not all fans are against the prospect of modern new facilities and they believe it is a long-due move.

Allerdale council wants to build a venue to house Workington Town and Workington Reds on the site of the run-down football stadium at Borough Park, with extra space for NHS staff and nuclear workers included as part of the plans.

Keen Reds supporter Darren Wood, who follows the club home and away, is in favour of the new purpose-built stadium.

“This town has been left in the dark ages for too long with run-down facilities and nothing that has helped motivate youngsters to take up sport,” he said.

“Borough Park is an eyesore and Derwent Park isn’t much better. It gives everyone an immediate poor first impression when entering the town. And things to generate revenue at Borough Park, such as the bar, are massively outdated and not fit for purpose anymore with no function room.”

His views were echoed by other supporters, including Graeme Bates who admitted that although there was a lot of history at Borough Park it was now time to move on.

He added: “Despite the wealth of history at Borough Park we now need to move with the times. And a stadium with modern-day facilities that can benefit the community as a whole and give the younger generation a place they want to go to and aspire to play in, is a step forward.”

Liam Irving is another fan who is looking forward to watching his club in new facilities, which can then compare to the rest of the county.

“Sports facilities in general in West Cumbria are in a very poor state compared to those in Carlisle and Penrith,” he said.

“And kids there have a much greater opportunity to develop and it’s only fair we should have the same.”

JJ Berwick, another regular at Borough Park, said there were still issues to iron out but he believes a new stadium would help both clubs to move forward.

“It’’s a positive step for the future of sport in Workington,” he said. “Reds get a brand new stadium on the site of Borough Park that they need to move forward as a club.

“There are still a few issues to iron out like rent, match day income etc, but if a healthy deal can be struck then both clubs can use the stadium as a springboard to better things.”

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