A white supremacist convicted of planning mass murder at Workington's Uppies and Downies event will be sentenced next month.

Shane Fletcher, 21, denied any wrongdoing. During his trial, he claimed that comments he had made about wanting to kill people at the town's annual Easter medieval football game had been nothing more than a fantasy.

But the jury convicted Fletcher of one count of soliciting to murder and two counts of collecting or making a record of information useful for terrorism purposes.

Key evidence was found in comments he wrote in his diary, which police found hidden at his home in Wastwater Avenue, Workington.

Fletcher was due to be sentenced at Manchester Crown Court yesterday. But after hearing legal submissions, Judge Patrick Field QC ruled that the sentencing should be adjourned until Tuesday, April 30. During the hearing, the judge said he wanted a more detailed psychiatric report on the defendant which specifically examined the issue of how dangerous Fletcher may be.

During his trial, the jury heard that Fletcher was a loner who admired killers such as Derrick Bird, who shot dead 12 people in west Cumbria in 2010; and the two teenagers who murdered 12 fellow students at Columbine High School in the US 20 years ago.

Key evidence was given during Fletcher's trial by a probation worker, who was so conerned by defendant's comments that he alerted the police.

Fletcher was arrested on March 10 last year after he told his probation officer the only thing preventing him from carrying out a massacre was a lack of cash and weapons.

When police raided his home, they found his diary, containing dozens of hate-filled comments, as well as Fletcher's transcribed instructions on how to make a pipe bomb and napalm.

Fletcher was not present at yesterday's hearing.

Parts of the hearing can not be reported for legal reasons.