One of West Cumbria's most popular carnivals has been cancelled.

Dearham carnival secretary Marie Oglanby said this year's event will not go ahead and "while we would like to revive it in the future, it really depends on what support we get."

Mrs Oglanby said the decision to cancel came after organisers were unable to find anyone willing to take part.

This has always been a community carnival with neighbours, pubs, Dearham school and other residents throwing themselves into the event. It became an important part of village life not just for the carnival itself, but for the dance that followed on carnival night.

The village pulled out all the stops for special events such as the Queen's 60th anniversary on the throne, moving the carnival so it became the centre of those celebrations.

The carnival also boasted more of its own royalty with kings, queens, Britannia and more. This year, however, nobody came forward.

Mrs Oglanby said the carnival committee would continue to meet and, hopefully, the event would be revived.