A nationally renowned band are set to perform at the Rosehill Theatre in Whitehaven.

Twelfth Day are a two person band which bring an intriguing and unique style influenced by vastly different genres: folk, jazz and classical.

On April 27, Catriona Price and Esther Swift will perform with their new backing members at Whitehaven's Rosehill Theatre.

Catriona said: "We've played in Cumbria quite a few times."

The duet are both from Scotland, Catriona said, "I think Cumbria is one of our favourite spots outside of Scotland."

"We like visiting the different rural spots

"We also find that the audiences are more open to left-field sounds."

Twelfth Day have previously released a EP of covers, with an eclectic mix of artists and genres, it sums up the varied style of the band.

Catriona said: "It helped to inform our style in general."

It will be a return for Twelfth Day as the band performed in Penrith on November 25th 2018.

As well as The Rosehill Theatre, the duo will perform in Edinburgh; Leeds, and London.

Much is in the pipeline for the band as a wider tour is in the works: "There'll be a longer tour in the Autumn," she said.

Twelfth Day look to: "Find new avenues for our sound.

"We have a new album coming in October."