A new contract with the Port of Silloth has resulted in an international firm reducing its lorries on Cumbrian roads.

Futamura Group, which produces foodstuff packaging at its Station Road site in Wigton, has begun having wood pulp delivered to the port.

The pulp is then transported to the plant, which employs around 270 people, to make the company's trademarked Cellophane and NatureFlex.

The first delivery arrived this week and the 2,500 tonnes of wood pulp was imported from South America.

Tom Ismay, procurement manager at Futamura, said: “It has been a very smooth transition working with ABP and we are glad that our local infrastructure means we can easily bring goods in via such a convenient port.

"One bulk ship has taken approximately 200 lorry-loads off the road. Sustainability is important to Futamura and we are working hard to make changes where we can.”

Carl Bevan, ABP divisional port manager North West, added: “We’re delighted to welcome Futamura Group as a new customer at our Port of Silloth and look forward to working together to support a prosperous future for the Cumbrian economy.”