Traffic lights and a one-way system near Aspatria could continue for at least another two month.

However, Cumbria County Council has said this week that they will look into improving warning signs on the Aspatria side of the approach to the Heathfield Railway bridge where repairs are to be carried out.

The bridge, on the Carlisle side of the town, was damaged five months ago when a motorist collided with it damaging the wall.

The road was partially opened within hours of the crash but since then there has been one-way traffic controlled by lights.

Residents have expressed concern at the lack of work that has been done. They have also been concerned that the bridge is on a bend.

One resident, Ann Armstrong, said: "There is a long straight piece of road before the bridge which is on a bend. Motorists speed along there anyway and I am really afraid there is going to be a head-on collision,"

Another resident, Colin Ainsworth,said he had been trying to find out why no work was being done. Despite several phone calls to Network Rail, the county council and Connect Road, he had been unable to find out what was happening.

A county spokesman said repairs had not been able to be completed because of the licences needed on a railway bridge before work could start.

He said he hoped it would be carried out within the next two months.

"In the meantime we are glad we have been able to keep the road open at all. We will look at the possibility of extra warning signs on the long straight road," he added/