YOUNG people will be able to share their views on policing with Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner.

Peter McCall is set to visit Lakes College, at Lillyhall Business Park, on Thursday to listen to what students have to say about policing and crime in their area.

He wants to hear more about the issues that are important to them and explore ways they can help avoid crime and make a positive contribution to their community.

Mr McCall said: "It is important that young people should have opportunities to express their opinions about policing matters, crime in their local area and talk about how anti-social behaviour in their community has impacted upon them and their family’s lives.

"I hope students will take this opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions which will help me to make better decisions and understand the needs of local young people.

"Ensuring their views are heard and valued not only improves services for young people, but also has a positive impact on the police and the local community."

Stuart Williams, curriculum operations lead for sport and public services, said it was a "fantastic opportunity" for students, especially those studying public services as many are working towards a career in policing.

The visit will take place from 11am to 1pm.