Kacy Mason is on a one-woman mission to complete the Wainwright Challenge, and will be donating all money raised to Wasdale Mountain Rescue to thank them for their brilliant work.

And the Maryport 10-year-old Wonder Woman is hoping to complete each of the 214 hikes in just 365 days.

The bold and brilliant idea cropped up when Kacy was saying how much she loved being outdoors, and told her parents, Michael and Toni, that she wanted to learn more about nature, and spend more time walking in the Lake District - and so the Wainwright Challenge was suggested.

The active youngster decided to complete the 214 daunting hikes and climbs, and wanted to raise money for Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team while doing so.

Michael commented on his daughter’s plan, and said: “It’s a brilliant idea, and everyone is so proud of her and so supportive - friends and family, and everyone in the community!”

He continued, speaking of the rescue team’s response to Kacy’s lovely wish to donate all money raised to them: “Wasdale Mountain Rescue are so happy to have heard about Kacy, because it’s such an amazing and positive story to share. They even messaged us and asked to go on walks with her! It’s really great.”

Since moving up to Cumbria from Lincolnshire 20 months ago, Kacy and her dad’s love of walking and being outdoors has increased massively, with the entire family getting out-and-about as often as they can.

And the Easter holidays were no exception for the Maryport Junior School pupil, with Kacy training for her challenge by hiking over 40 miles and climbing five mountains in the relaxing two-week break from school - all on top of her regular activities, including canoeing with her family, and indoor climbing.

The caring adventurer will be starting her challenge on August 1, and hopes to have finished the task by August 1 2020, with plenty of money raised to donate to Wasdale Mountain Rescue. And with her parents and extended family promising her £1 for each summit she reaches, Kacy is already well on her way to her £1,000 target.

Homemade cheesecake baker and seller, Michael, spoke of the support Kacy has received since sharing her story on her Facebook page, ‘Kacy Mason’s 214 Wainwright Challenge’, saying: “The Cumbrian community is so supportive, and so many people have been in touch to say how great Kacy and the challenge she’s set herself are. We can’t wait to see how much she manages to raise, and Wasdale Mountain Rescue are so grateful to Kacy, and for all the money raised by the community.”

When asked if Kacy has a favourite fell to tackle, her dad laughed, and said: “she loves them all really, but she’s a bit wary of the stony, steep ones! Once she’s past the tough parts on each though, she’s absolutely fine, and just pushes herself to get up to the top - she’s brilliant.”

Although the brave young girl is nervous about completing the Wainwright Challenge within a year, Kacy is feeling optimistic and excited - and, of course, she can’t wait to get cracking up the crags in August!

To drop a line of support and encouragement to the Maryport Girl on a Mission, head over to the Kacy Mason’s 214 Wainwright Challenge page on Facebook, or donate to Kacy’s JustGiving page visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kacy-mason-214.