Police have issued a safety warning ahead of this weekend's Uppies and Downies clash.

Extra officers will be on duty in Workington for the game.

The traditional annual event, which has no formal organiser, attracts large crowds.

The first match of the three-game series takes place on Good Friday.

Competitors - either Uppies or Downies depending on where in the local area they are from - chase the ball through the town, with the aiming of hailing it at specific points.

Cumbria Police are urging people to stay safe if they are either taking part or spectating.

Inspector Rachel Gale said: “We would like to wish everyone well ahead of Uppies and Downies.

“We ask people to be safe - to think of their own safety and the safety of others and to also be aware of their surroundings.

“People need to take particular care with regards to private land and property.

“They need to take care with their behaviour and actions when the ball comes into close proximity with cars and other property.

“While the vast majority of people who take part in Uppies and Downies do so in a positive spirit, the police will not accept people using the event as an excuse to commit criminal damage and behave in an antisocial manner.

“Officers will be on hand. If offences are identified, those responsible can expect to be held accountable.”

Police say extra officers and resources will be deployed to the event.

Parents are urged to speak to their children if they are attending and reiterate the safety advice.

They add that people should be especially careful of the risks posed by large crowds, leading to potentially serious injuries, as well as trips, sprains and bruises.

Those taking part are asked to be particularly careful when entering or considering entering any water.