A former Workington church leader is returning to preach this Easter Sunday to mark the 60th anniversary of his ordination.

Guy Finnie was ordained on April 18, 1959 and served as minister of the then Harrington Road Baptist Church until 1968, when he moved to Norwich.

During his time in the town, Mr Finnie had the honour of being chaplain to the Mayor of Workington, Councillor Andrew Young, leading his civic service at the Baptist church.

Mr Finnie said: "I loved it all. It hadn't occurred for many years that the civic service was held at the Baptist church.

"I loved the people in Workington. They were just splendid people. They made me so welcome."

Mr Finnie, now 84, was a 24-year-old bachelor when he arrived in Workington.

He said: "My parents were anxious for me. There was a couple in the church in Workington who had five sons and they said to my parents, 'We'll take him on our as sixth son' and they did.

"There were so many good people there."

Mr Finnie married wife Rosemary shortly before moving to Norwich.

He later led a church in Scotland before moving to his last post in Portsmouth.

Now called Grace Baptist Church and based in a new building, the church has invited Mr Finnie back on Sunday, April 21 to preach at its 11am and 6pm services to mark his anniversary.

Mr and Mrs Finnie now live in Falkirk, and hope to be joined by their daughter and three grandsons for their visit to Workington.

He said: "It's Easter Day so the big thing is not my anniversary of 60 years but the glorious fact that our Saviour is risen from the dead. That's wonderful."