RESIDENTS opposed to traffic proposals which they say will adversely affect their village will hold a public meeting next week.

A consultation was held at the end of last year into plans for widening the A595 at Bothel.

County council leaders said that the improvements to this part of the road network were among those key to securing economic growth and job creation in Cumbria.

Bothel resident Aimee Campbell says that many people are opposed to the plans.

"The proposal is to widen the A595 through Bothel to allow overtaking. It does not take into account the seven junctions and bus stop and would bring this fast stretch of road closer to the houses," said Aimee.

"It is a very contradictory proposal. Providing a climbing lane on the A595 adjacent to Bothel village would improve overtaking opportunities but would have unacceptable road safety implications given the number of residential accesses on this stretch of the road.

"It would also impact more significantly on these properties in Bothel which are already close to the existing road."

A public meeting will be held at 7.45pm on Tuesday, April 23, in Bothel Village Hall.