ENFORCEMENT action will be taken against a housing developer in Brigham following complaints from residents.

Genesis Homes is building 37 homes off Low Road. Residents have complained about the ongoing mess, amount of lorries and parked cars creating access issues.

Dianne Standen said: "The St Bridget's development has had an intolerable impact on the Low Road community.

"As the site has been sodden due to drainage issues the huge volume of lorries have deposited mud on the road making it dangerous in wet weather.

"The recent use of Low Road as an access road by their plant vehicles, no room on site, and the dry weather has caused further deterioration with every vehicle movement along Low Road creating clouds of choking dust which engulf the houses and businesses in this area making it difficult to work or be outside."

She said there had been a huge volume of lorries and so many vehicles parked beside the site that it was dangerous for pedestrians and road users.

Mrs Standen and borough councillor Janet Farebrother took up the issue with Allerdale Council.

Councillor Farebrother said: "There are several issues going on with this development which are affecting the businesses on Low Road and with all the parking in front of the site it is making the road dangerous for pedestrians."

An Allerdale spokesman said: "We always like to take a pragmatic approach to enforcement action with regards to planning applications and would prefer to work with complainants and developers to resolve any issues without the need to take more formal methods.

"We received complaints about this housing development site in Brigham, and have been working with the developer to address the issues raised. These have included mud on the road and cars parked on pavements.

"There were initial breaches but, following the council intervention, these were remedied. However, we have now observed breaches in recent days and therefore we have notified the developer that we will be taking the appropriate enforcement action against them. We shall also be working with them to ensure the site continues to comply with the planning conditions associated with the development.”

A Genesis spokesman said on Thursday that they had not received an enforcement notice.

"We are currently working with representatives from Allerdale Borough Council planning department to ensure that we comply with any planning/ highway regulations.

"We are committed to being a good neighbour and we do our utmost to cause as little disruption as possible in the areas where we are building.

"We also try to support local communities as much as we can and we are sponsoring Brigham’s 10k run this weekend."