What a difference a day makes.

After recording temperatures topping 23C across Cumbria for almost a week, the weather is tumbling back down to something more seasonal from today.

A spokesman for the Met Office told the News & Star: "From today onwards, we are going to see a change in the weather across Cumbria.

"There will still be dry weather, but through the latter part of the day we will see some heavy and possibly thundery showers from the south.

"There are more heavy and possibly thundery showers to come, as parts of rain spread in. Temperatures will be much lower than they have been - hopefully they may reach 12C or 13C, but a good 10C lower than the weekend."

However, he was keen to stress that the weekend sunshine may not have been it for summer, adding: "We are still technically in the meteorological spring, so summer is yet to come.

"There is a very early suggestion that after this more unsettled period, it could start to even out at the start of May - but it is far too early to say."