AROUND 80 per cent of crimes reported in Allerdale end without a prosecution - an investigation has revealed.

Data published by has revealed that Cumbria police received 1,948 crime reports between January and March of this year, yet 1,536 of these, equivalent to 78.9 per cent, were not prosecuted.

These include instances in which: the court case was unable to proceed; further investigation was deemed not to be in the public interest; the investigation was completed but no suspect was identified; police were unable to prosecute the suspect.

Detective Chief Inspector Craig Smith said wherever there is an opportunity to pursue a suspect, police will do so. However there are crimes that are more difficult to pursue due to their nature.

He said: "Every time a crime is reported we carry out an assessment. If there is an opportunity to pursue a suspect then we will do so.

"However, if, as an example, a victim reports having their car wing mirror damaged over a two day period, that there were no witnesses and no CCTV in the area, then we will record a crime and file as there are no investigative opportunities."

The figures analysed by the Times & Star show that the highest number of crimes were reported in the St John's and St Michael's wards in Workington, while high figures also featured in Maryport's Netherhall and Cockermouth's Christchurch wards. says the level of crime in Allerdale is similar to other comparable areas. In 2018 the West Cumbrian borough had 71.4 crimes per thousand residents and around 70 per cent of these resulted in no further action. Newark and Sherwood, in Nottinghamshire, had 72.37 crimes per thousand residents and around 75 per cent of those resulted in no further action.

DCI Smith said that lower level cases were the most likely to be closed without a suspect being identified:"To comply with National Crime Recording Standards (NCRS) lower level crimes which have no lines of active investigation will always be recorded. It is more likely to be these types of offences where cases will be closed with no suspect identified.

"Cumbria still remains one of the safest counties to live, work and visit, with low levels of crime."

In January, 575 reports were made to police in Allerdale and 77 suspects were charged. In February, 89 people were charged out of the 634 reports made to the force. Of 739 crimes reported in the area in March, 75 cases ended up with a suspect being charged.

DCI Smith said that Cumbria police had been rated as 'good' for its effectiveness in a recent inspection. He said: "In the latest Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) report into police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy, the Constabulary were independently assessed as good across all areas, including crime investigation.

"We were also independently assessed as being outstanding for our crime data integrity. This helps investigations and means we can identify offenders and the offences committed.

"Importantly, the crime data integrity also enables us to identify victims at an earlier stage so that we can offer them the appropriate support.

"There is a continued increase in confidence from members of the public to report what has happened, contributing to a rise in offences.

"There have also been changes to the way some offences are now classified and recorded, also contributing to a subsequent rise.

"The people of West Cumbria can be reassured that we will do everything we can to support victims as well as investigate crime.

"I would continue to encourage victims to report all crimes, and if there are opportunities to trace and arrest offenders our officers will pursue all lines of enquiry with vigour and determination."