THE funeral of Chris Brown, who died while walking at Scafell Pike, will be held tomorrow.

Mr Brown, a popular postman and firefighter, died last week.

Originally from Broughton Moor, the 34-year-old lived in Parton with his wife Sam, from Egremont, and their two-year-old daughter Grace Harper.

His funeral will be held on Thursday in Egremont’s St Mary & St Michael’s Church at 10.45am – the same church where he married Sam just over a year ago.

In an emotional tribute directed to her husband, Mrs Brown told of her heartbreak.

She said: “I phoned you yesterday, I knew the phone wouldn’t ring and I knew you wouldn’t answer but I just needed to feel like I was talking to you somehow..”

She said they talked about other children they would have in the future and the travelling they would do when the children had grown and left home.

She also spoke of his love for little Grace and her vow to keep his memory alive: “Grace always looked up to you, she idolised you. She needs to look up a bit higher now, to the biggest and brightest star in the sky.

“I will never let her forget you Chris, never. You have my word on that. All of the things you wanted to do with her when she was older, like watch the sunrise and sunset on the shore, I will do with her, and she will know it was your idea. I know that you loved her so so much and she is definitely Daddy’s girl.

“A bedtime story will continue to happen, even though I’m nowhere near as good at doing the voices like you were, You always wanted her to love the Gruffalo and she does.

“I promise to keep the garden looking as best as I can, you would have done anything for me and Grace and I would do anything just to see you walk through the door. I will forever treasure the memories we made together and will let your memory live on through our daughter.

“You played a song to me on one of our first weekends together; Dido - Closer. You said you heard it and it made you think of us, because I made you so happy and people had been saying how happy you looked since we met. Well Chris, you made me the happiest woman in the world and your smile lit up my heart everyday. I am so pleased that not a day went by that we didn’t tell each other we loved each other.”

She joined dozens of other friends, family and colleagues in describing her husband as “the most kindest and genuine person I’ve ever known”.

The couple were together for nearly four years and, last year, shared their wedding day with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Chris’ parents, Alan and Marie, of Broughton Moor, said their son was loving and was loved by all with whom he came into contact: “Our son Chris was one of a kind and we loved him with all our hearts as did everyone that was part of his life,” they said.

“Not only was he a brilliant son to us and loving brother to Vicky, Tony, Sarah and Josh, he absolutely adored his wife Sam and beautiful daughter Grace. He always told us how proud he was of his family which was clear to see anyway. You just needed to look at his smiling face every time you met him to see how happy he was. He was a hard worker and loved his job on the post and helping anybody he could while doing his round.”

A memorial for Mr Brown was held on Saturday night at Broughton Moor.

His sister, Vicky, said: “It was very sad but the field was full of people who loved Chris and it meant a lot, especially all the stories and memories that were shared. The fire service attended along with the fire engine which was touching as Chris absolutely loved being a fireman.”

Balloons were released and, at the same time, the family received photos of balloons released in London, Penrith, Carlisle and under the Angel of the North.

Mr Brown’s funeral service will be followed by cremation at Distington Hall. In place of flowers, donations can be made for Maryport Fire Station and the mountain rescue service.

Donations can be made c/o Stephen Johnston (Funeral Director), Stony Brook, Row Brow, Dearham, CA15 7JR