A MAIN road into Cockermouth will be closed for six weeks - prompting fears about residents being stranded and trade being hit.

Bridge repairs are due to take place on Gote Bridge from Monday, June 24.

There will be no bridge access for vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists and detours will be in place.

Residents and businesses are upset at the lack of warning and the impact the work will have on their lives and businesses.

Brian Trengove lives in Bridgend Court on Wakefield Road. There are 45 over 55s living there.

"It takes us back to the days of the 2015 floods when we were cut off and given no information," said Mr Trengove.

Residents received letters about the closure yesterday. "This is very short notice and no one has been told about what will be happening regarding support or buses. We are virtually stranded, our freedom has gone," he said.

"The older residents are particularly concerned. While some people can walk into town, using the public footbridge, that's not an option for less mobile people who want to go to the hospital, library or shops.

"It's going to cost £7 or £8 to take a taxi to the doctors."

He has written to Cockermouth mayor Julie Laidlow and councillors Alan Smith and Alan Kennon asking them to look into putting on a bus for residents.

After the floods a bus was provided to run residents from Wakefield Road car park into town.

David McGrath runs Gote Garage on Gote Road.

"The first I knew about this was when the signs went up. I can't understand why it will take so long, the longer it is is the worse it will be for us," he said.

Mr Trengove owns The Spice Club on Main Street.

He thinks the road closures will put people off coming into town and consequently hit trade in what should be a busy period.

Councillor Laidlow said: "People should have been given more notice. We should be looking into providing a bus service, particularly for the older residents.

"This will impact on trade, roadworks always do."

An alternative route for vehicles will be signed and available via the unrestricted section of Gote Road, A595, A66, Lamplugh Road, The Level, Gallowbarrow, Sullart Street and Crown Street.

A way for pedestrians and cyclists will be available via Bridge Street Public Footbridge and Wakefield Road.

Story Contract Ltd has written to residents stating: "As part of Cumbria's recovery from the floods caused by Storm Desmond in December 2015, it is our intention to carry out the remaining minor repairs to Derwent (Gote) Bridge as part of Cumbria County Council's Infrastructure Recovery Programme.

"We thank you in advance for your patience, understanding and cooperation whilst we complete the work which is vital to the restoration of this key link for your community."