Recycling collections have been suspended across Allerdale after a new waste contract prompted months of problems.

But monthly paper and card collections will still be collected.

Allerdale council waste and recycling collections have been beset by problems since a new contract began in April.

Last month the authority revealed that more than 66,000 bins had not been emptied on time in just seven weeks during April and May.

Now, in a bid to alleviate the problems, the council has announced that, as of Monday, garden waste collections will be suspended for two months, with glass, cans and plastic recycling also stopped for up to the same length of time.

A spokesman said domestic waste, paper and card, and trade waste collections would be unaffected.

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A spokesman said: "Allerdale Borough Council is advising residents of changes to waste services over the next few weeks which are aimed at alleviating the issues which are affecting collections. Both the council and FCC Environment apologise for any inconvenience caused.

"The council introduced a new waste collection service on April 1 with services provided by FCC Environment. This introduced completely new bin collection rounds and new lorries with in-cab technology.

"However, since the changes were introduced the bin crews have not been able to make it to some properties on the scheduled day. Therefore, the council is introducing temporary changes, to help crews complete the rounds whilst more permanent solutions are devised by the council and FCC."

Scheduled recycling, paper and card and garden waste that have been missed this week will not be made, the council said.

However, the spokesman said the refuse teams would collect excess domestic waste from these properties next week.

The spokesman added: "During this period, residents are advised to use the recycling centres and the household waste recycling sites to dispose of their recycling and garden waste. Details, and locations, can be found on the council’s website at

"Residents are also encouraged to remember the phrase: Reduce, reuse, recycle. Where possible reduce the amount of waste you are creating and reuse items such as plastic boxes to help reduce the amount of waste you put out and to wash and squash down recycling where possible."