A WOMAN who has been battling with housing association Home Group for over a year is doubtful it will fix the problem by Wednesday as promised by an inspector.

Natasha Pascoe, from Aspatria has a leak in her bathroom which has caused a hole in her kitchen ceiling.

The problems started in March last year after Natasha returned from visiting family in Newcastle to find puddles of water in her kitchen and parts of her kitchen ceiling - about the size of a football - on the floor.

She said: “I phoned Home Group for someone to come out. It was classed as an emergency because some of my ceiling has fallen in.

“They came and kept saying there was no leak and put it down to my four-year-old defenceless son urinating on the floor.

“Logan knows how to go to the toilet. I thought it was a low blow to start with trying to blame a little boy.”

About a week after the first leak, another one appeared about one metre from the first one which started to seep through the ceiling.

“We phoned Home Group and they phoned me to question if I was sure I had a leak this time,” continued Natasha.

“They finally came and then left this hole in my ceiling and we had no word of when they were coming back.”

At the start of this year, the problem got worse when Natasha noticed a smell of urine in the toilet. It didn’t matter what she did the smell wouldn’t go.

Natasha and her partner Russell continually phoned Home Group to come and look at the problems and they would come and say they couldn’t find a leak.

Eventually last month, Natasha phoned to speak to an inspector who attended the home on Tuesday.

Natasha explained: “He came and checked everything, he found a little crack and said that’s where it’s seeping from.

“I couldn’t fault the inspector. He booked us in for Wednesday (July 10) for them to come and repair it.”

The main concern for Natasha is the safety of her son. She worries that he could be playing and more of the ceiling could fall in and hurt him.

“I’m so angry and annoyed that I go to work to pay my rent to live in an unstable property,” added Natasha.

“I’m doubtful we will get sorted.”

Steve Heywood, from Home Group, said: “We have been working hard to try to locate the issue for our customer. It has taken some time, for which we apologise. Thankfully, we have located the issue and solved it. We now need to make the cosmetic repairs, which is booked in for early this week as it takes a little while for things to dry completely.”