Don’t booze if you’re parading around Maryport in the town’s carnival this weekend, is the plea from organisers to the public.

The committee fears the parade is becoming an event for adults, and it wants to make sure that the carnival is suitable for children.

So they are asking anyone taking part to wait until the parade has finished before drinking alcohol.

The organisers are clamping down on alcohol and unlicensed street collections as they attempt to ensure the future of the family carnival in Maryport.

The carnival was revived three years ago after being wound up because of a lack of interest and volunteers. By the time it finished, however, it had also gone from being a children’s carnival to a much more adult orientated event.

Carnival secretary Linda Radcliffe said when a small group decided to set it up again the emphasis was on making it a whole community celebration.

“We have stipulated that there is to be no alcohol consumed on route. That culture did not make it a community affair and was not a good example for children,” she said.

She said another serious concern was groups jumping on the carnival bandwagon and using it as an opportunity to raise money from street collections.

“A grant from Maryport Town Council and the carnival street collection are our only source of income. Without either the carnival would fail. Last year there were a couple of groups collecting on the street. People possibly did not even realise they were not supporting the carnival when they put money into those buckets.”

Mrs Radcliffe said, and Allerdale council confirmed, that the carnival was the only organisation with a licence to have a street collection on the day.

Organisations can be fined up to £200 for collecting without a licence.

Maryport carnival will be held tomorrow. Mrs Radcliffe said there appeared to be “lots of enthusiasm” for this year’s event.

“I have spoken to groups who say they have been practising their dance moves for months.”