A plastic film producer's latest product has been rated as "very good" for recycling.

Innovia Films, in Wigton, has worked with Interseroh, an independent German recycling and consulting company, to evaluate their newly launched BOPP Propafilm Strata SL film.

The film has been awarded a "very good" rating and awarded the "Made for Recycling" logo.

Interseroh analyse and evaluate packaging and look at the entire process of disposal including collection, sorting, recycling and processing.

It rates materials on a scale from "non-recyclable" through to "very good".

Alasdair McEwen, global product manager for packaging for Innovia said: “This certification proves the recyclability of our new Strata BOPP film.

"As it is a mono structure, the film performs much better in recycling than composite films and can be added to the PP closed loop and reused.”

He said the film provided an effective barrier to aroma, mineral oils and oxygen, increasing shelf life and reduced food waste.