Furious residents have hit out at proposals to increase the speed limit at an accident blackspot.

Cumbria Highways is looking to change the 30mph zone from the top of Flimby Brow to the Broughton Moor turn off, to 60mph, despite residents saying they already ‘live in fear’ of a fatality.

Taxi owner Ian Tyson, whose late wife Diane was injured in a crash on that road, said increasing the restricted speed zone was crazy.

“As it is people don’t abide by it and it would just get worse. We will see a death there. Coming into Flimby there are some really nasty bends including the one where Diane was hurt.”

Maryport town councillor for the Flimby ward Carol Tindall said: “The area where the 30mph restriction is in place is very steep. There are two sharp bends coming right onto the Brow and into the village.

“Before the speed limit was imposed there were loads of accidents there.”

Ann Ostle, who lives on Flimby Brow said residents are already living in fear of a fatality.

“They will be horrified by this news,” she said. “I have my windows open at night and you hear cars racing up and down the Brow. The speeds they drive are already crazy and it would only get worse if they removed the restriction.

“We have just come down into Flimby on that road and a car was speeding on the wrong side of the road. Anyone on Flimby Brow will be up in arms. Move the 30mph signs and drivers won’t have time to stop before they are into the village.

“I can tell you, Flimby Brow will be up in arms if this goes ahead.”

A man who did not want to be named added: “Highways put a huge speed bump between the Brow and the Post Office to stop speeding traffic. Now they are going to encourage it at the other end of the road. It is just stupid.”

Maryport town councillors will object to the review. And mayor Peter Kendall said he failed to understand why it was taking place.

Stephen Ashcroft, who also represents Flimby, added: "I can’t understand why engineers would think this is a good idea.”

Councillor Linda Radcliffe also pointed out how narrow the road was, with no white lines, making it little more than a lane.

County transport portfolio holder and Flimby resident Keith Little could not be contacted for comment but Highways, in a report, said concerns had been raised about the long distance between the start of the 30mph restriction and the built up area. It stated: “The signs are too far away from the built up area to be relevant.”