Allerdale residents are being invited to commemorate the 74th anniversary of two key dates tomorrow.

Both Victory in Japan Day and the Far East Prisoner of War (FEPOW) Day will be honoured in an event.

The mayor of Allerdale Hilary Harrington is holding a flag-raising ceremony to commemorate those who were prisoners in the Far East during the Second World War and everyone is invited to go along.

Coun Harrington was approached by a representative of the FEPOW association with a view to hosting a ceremony at Allerdale House on the day the nation remembers victory being declared in Japan during the Second World War #VJDay.

Tomorrow at 10.30am a Union Jack flag will be raised to celebrate FEPOW Day, day of remembrance for all those who were held as Japanese prisoners of war during the Second World War, whatever nationality, colour or religion, whether service personnel or civilian.