Comfort and hearty food is The Briery’s biggest asset.

What you want from a country gastro-pub is comfort, and The Briery has that in spades. Nestled in a quiet corner of Stainburn, a country village outside the hustle and bustle of town, The Briery is the embodiment of simple pleasures.

Whether you order a three-course meal and sit in the dining area or a turkey and ham pie in the bar, you are guaranteed a beautiful meal and a warm atmosphere.

I enjoyed an appetising linguine carbonara in the bar area, which has recently been refurbished with comfortable seating and a clean aesthetic.

The carbonara was a perfectly balanced meal. The sauce had a nuanced flavour without being overwhelmingly rich. It was complemented by a few mushrooms and a sprinkling of garlic, not enough to be overpowering thankfully. No one ingredient was shovelled on which can be the case with other restaurants. It was just right.

Other similar meals have chewy, stringy ham but not in this case. The ham was perfectly tender.

It was a well portioned, hearty meal, the kind of food that would revive you after a tiring hike or a long night in the watering hole.

I visited the gastro-pub with my family and everyone left satisfied. My mother loved the roast – and she makes an impeccable Sunday dinner herself so I consider that to be high praise. That is another feather in your cap, Briery.

Our meals came with an optional addition which the friendly waiting staff asked if we wanted, extra gravy for the roast dinner or more parmesan on the carbonara.

Everyone at the table was satisfied by the portions and flavour of their meal, enjoying a relaxing drink in the bar area afterwards. Atmosphere is a major part of what is enjoyable about The Briery. The patrons were as friendly and accommodating as the staff, greeting us as we came in. It was a beautiful day and it was clear from how busy the place was that it is ideal for that kind of occasion. The outside seating area was full of families and people just milling around, enjoying the company of other regulars in a positive and relaxed atmosphere.