A roast dinner is not complete unless there’s a huge home-made Yorkshire pudding on the plate.

And O’Halloran’s did not disappoint as their yorkies were perfect.

I decided to treat my two young children and partner to the Sunday carvery as we’d heard brilliant feedback from people raving about the new restaurant which only opened a few weeks ago in The Falcon Club at Egremont.

When we walked in we were met by a long snaking queue at the carvery, which was a very promising start.

After being shown to our table by the friendly waitress and ordering our drinks, we were told to stay put for a few minutes while they replenished the food – perfect as that meant the carvery would be fresh and piping hot.

A lot of carveries only give a small amount of meat, meaning you have to fill your plate with vegetables. But here we were given big, thick slices of the three meats on offer (beef, turkey and ham) – even the children’s portions were very generous.

Onto the vegetables next and there were plenty of options. I piled the carrot and turnip, cauliflower cheese and peas onto our plates as well as crispy roast potatoes, creamy mash and crunchy parsnips, before smothering it with home-made gravy.

A lovely touch that I must flag up is that the restaurant owner was behind the hotplate, carving the meat. At many food establishments these days, you find the owner hiding out back preparing the food, so it was refreshing to see him front-of-house getting his hands dirty and pleasantly chatting to customers.

My only downfall was that there wasn’t any stuffing to go with my turkey – but maybe they had run out as we did go very late in the day!

My daughter (she’s only three) is a very fussy eater and you can usually guarantee that she ends up leaving most of her meal. But she wolfed it down and even went back for a second Yorkshire pudding (something else which must be noted as many other carveries limit these to one).

And my partner’s only criticism was that he would have liked a bigger plate!

We ordered a couple of desserts between us – sticky toffee pudding and chocolate sundae which surprisingly had a home-made millionaire’s shortbread in. Gorgeous.

As I mentioned before, the restaurant (which also serves bar meals) has only been open for a short time. But word has spread of the fabulous food, as we were told by one of the chefs that they had served 200 Sunday dinners that lunch time.

If you love a home-cooked roast dinner, just how your Gran would make it, then head on down. I’m giving O’Halloran’s a big four out of five.