A draught excluder company is getting a better deal for itself and its suppliers by sourcing tonnes of wool directly from Cumbrian farms.

For the last two years, Chimney Sheep - based in Maryport - has run Operation Wool, gathering as much wool as it can from local farmers during the shearing season.

Last year it gathered five tonnes of wool, jumping to 16 tonnes this year.

This equates to the wool from about 15,000 Herdwick sheep and 15 per cent of the UK Herdwick population.

Chimney Sheep founder Sally Phillips said she ran the “operation” last year to see if it would logistically and economically.

As it was successful, she chose to expand it this year.

Farmers from Lawton, Eskdale and Buttermere and other areas delivered their wool directly to haulier Tyson H Burridge, in Distington, before it is taken to Yorkshire to be scoured.

It will then be shipped to an Austrian processor and coated with a unique ionic protect plasma to make the wool completely moth resistant and longer lasting.

Chimney Sheep then make the wool into draught excluders.

Buying director cut out extra costs for both farmers and the company, said Sally.

“There’s a whole chain of buyers and sellers, so it means the farmers get a better rate and it’s more cost effective for us, so it’s a win-win,” she said.