Town councillors are looking into the possibility of CCTV cameras to combat anti-social behaviour in Cockermouth.

Councillors agreed to ask for crime statistics for the town in the hope of securing funding for CCTV.

They were discussing the issue at a town council meeting following a letter from the police and crime commissioner about grants available - and how they could apply.

Mayor Julie Laidlow said: "It's a valuable asset in Workington, the biggest problem we have here is anti-social driving. We could put it at the top of Station Street."

Councillor Grace Bennion spoke of problems with anti-social behaviour late at night.

"It's a deterrent. At the moment we have no deterrents in town for anti-social behaviour, we get a spate of it and then it goes quiet," said Councillor Alan Smith.

"Now is the time to get it in while the offer is there. We need to be prepared."

Councillor Richard Watson said: "I do not think we have the crime pattern to justify it."

Councillors agreed that town clerk Sheila Brown should obtain crime statistics for the town.