A FOUR-YEAR-OLD boy wowed crowds at Solfest when he opened the Sunday set drumming to rock songs.

Caleb Hayes who lives in Silloth with mum Kim, dad Andrew and seven-year-old sister Isabelle, has been drumming since he was two. He started to show an interest when he was just one.

Caleb’s parents are both musicians and his dad is a drummer which piqued his interest.

Kim said: “He started playing with a pencil. Then he started using Andrew’s sticks and he’d use anything - cushions mainly.

“But when he got to two he started playing on Andrew’s drums and that’s when we realised he’s got some tunes so we brought him his own electric drums.

“He started properly playing at two but he’d shown an interest earlier.”

Caleb is constantly playing on his drums and has a Roland drumming set which his parents say is helping him to learn and his skills to grow.

“It’s a fantastic piece of kit,” explained Kim.

“But he has definitely taken off on his own. He picks it up so fast.

“He can listen to a song a couple of times, practice it and then he knows it.”

Caleb has been playing some difficult songs and loves to play rock music, especially songs by Slipknot and the Foo Fighters - the heavier the better.


Andrew said: “I’m mesmerised by him.

“I listen to him sometimes and think I can’t even play that.”

When Caleb opened on the main stage at Solfest people were in awe of his talent.

Solfest was his first live performance in front of a crowd which he was really excited for.

His parents recollected a number of people crying in the crowd.

“My friend is a big bloke, even he was tearing up,” continued Andrew.

“People were seeing him for the first time and just shocked by the talent he has.

“They saw him practicing in sound check and I think they thought that was it but when he came on stage and the music started playing and he started to drum it was something else for people.”

Kim added: “We see it everyday so it’s normal for us.

“Obviously it’s amazing to see him doing that. But we’re just used to it now.”

Caleb has gone from strength to strength since he started drumming.

He has already been in the recording studio, playing with a live band,

Andrew explained: “He’s been in the recording studio at The Music Farm, Whitehaven and already played with a live band - he kept up and did fantastic.

“Tom Tyson has been a bass player for years and he was blown away by him.

“He loved going in the recording studio.”

Since videos of Caleb have gone viral on Facebook he has had offers from a Foo Fighters tribute band and a festival in Whitehaven.

“We’ll support him in what he wants to do,” said Kim.

“It’s all his decision. He’s quite shy but the minute he gets on the drums he is completely different.

“It’s funny because he’ll be smashing out a load of songs then the next minute he’ll be on the floor playing with his toys.”