A COCKERMOUTH schoolgirl met with other young climate activitists at an international conference in Switzerland to make plans for the future.

Clare Rodger attended a youth climate conference in Lausanne with a group of other UK students.

"We met with international climate activists to discuss the plans of the Fridays For Future (FFF) movement and discover the impacts that the climate crisis is having on people around the world," said the Cockermouth School pupil.

"During the week, we discussed and edited the values, principles and demands that then became part of the Lausanne Climate Declaration, which will act as a set of guidelines for local and national FFF groups.

"I also had the opportunity to make international connections and talk about what strategies we can use to combat the climate crisis."

The conference was planned and attended almost entirely by young people.

"Whilst there were a few disagreements over how the movement should progress, dealing with these arguments gave us valuable lessons on how to debate and compromise effectively," said Clare, who has been involved in youth climate strikes in Cockermouth.

Since returning home, she has been working hard to put plans into practice.

"I am continuing to participate in discussions about the next plans of the climate movement and I also remain in contact with the international friends I made there," said Clare.

"The Fridays For Future movement is continuing to grow, with the September strikes set to be the largest in history; students across the UK and the world are already mobilising for a week of action."

There will be a climate strike on Main Street at 9am on Friday, September 20.

"We encourage everyone - adults and students - to join us and express their support," said Clare.