A West Cumbrian man wept in court as he was banned from the roads for drink-driving.

Magistrates at the Workington court heard that William Clark, 46, of Westfield Drive in Workington, would lose his job as a joiner without his licence.

He told the court: "I would like to apologise, it was a stupid mistake."

His wife, who was sat in the public gallery, also cried as Clark was handed the 20 month ban.

Peter Barnsley, prosecuting, said a police officer had seen Clark driving on Mossbay Road in Workington on September 14 at around 10.30pm.

The officer initially believed the vehicle was driving above the speed limit and stopped it.

Clark was found to have 75mcg of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath.

The legal limit is 35mcg.

Claire Kirkpatrick, defending, said Clark was remorseful and asked magistrates to give him credit for his early guilty plea.

She said his wife had a series of health complications which she did not want to go into.

She said: "They had been to a family event but his wife wasn't feeling well.

"This was earlier in the evening than they had planned their transport home and he accepts he decided to take her home believing he was okay.

"That's a decision he's going to regret for some time.

"He works as a joiner and he told his work about the proceedings and they were very clear his job was dependent on having a driving licence.

"He's taken steps to look for alternative employment."

She added the family were in significant financial difficulty.

Mrs Kirkpatrick said: "He has always worked, he's never been on benefits and he will try to get work as quickly as he can.

"Things are looking quite bleak for them at the moment and Mr Clark has shown clear remorse."

Magistrates handed Clark a £80-fine and offered Clark a drink-drivers' rehabilitation course.

If he successfully completes that, his ban could be reduced by 20 weeks.

Clark must also pay £85 costs and £32 victim surcharge.