A PROPOSAL to scrap free parking spaces to make way for a pedestrian crossing in Harrington has been met with criticism.

The county council has sent letters to residents asking for their views on the plans, which would affect a stretch of Church Road, between Eadie Street and North Shore Street.

The authority said: “The crossing is proposed in conjunction with recent housing developments in the area, and the likely increase in footfall as a result.

“The crossing is positioned in a location to assist pedestrian access to and from the nearby school, as well as other local amenities.”

But Vicky Jackson, 41, who lives in the area of the proposed crossing, said the plans would take away much-needed parking, as well as affect the price of car insurance and value of her home.

She said: “Parking is already limited, it’s a disc zone through the week.

“At the moment we can pull up to drop the shopping off or the children off and park over the road.

“They’re proposing a puffin crossing which would take out all parking outside our house, it would be very difficult for us.

“Our car insurance would also go up.

“We’re also looking at moving in the future and the availability of parking is something people look for.

“I’ve read that it can affect the price of a £200,000 home by around £10,000 and that’s quite a substantial amount.

“I don’t think we should be penalised.”

Vicky added that she believed a better location for the crossing would be further up the road, opposite the nursery.

She added that speeding in the area needed to be addressed more urgently than the crossing.

She said: “There are some cars that drive to absolute excess, that’s more of an issue than the crossing. “Crossing is only an issue at school times, but there is a lollipop lady there at those times.”

A spokesman for the county council said: “Siting a pedestrian crossing on Church Road is difficult, as there are any number of access points which prevent it going where people might like.

“However funding has been allocated for this facility and it would be a shame to lose out on such a good asset which is hard to come by. We are currently investigating the possibility of an alternative site further north which would result in less parking being lost, however would be further away from the school.”

To respond to the plans you can email trafficteamwest@cumbria.gov.uk