Cricket fans from across the county travelled to hold England cricket team’s glory in their hands yesterday, with the World Cup taking centre stage at Ben Stokes’s home club.

Parents and youngsters alike were radiating excitement as they entered Cockermouth Cricket Club’s pavilion to see the trophy, and fans were thrilled to hold the 12kg World Cup above their heads in celebration as the England team did after their victory against New Zealand.

The trophy is now making its way around the country, visiting the home clubs of each team member, and Cockermouth Cricket Club couldn’t be more pleased to have the sparkling reminder of the nail-biting win “home”.

While the Cockermouth All Stars sharpened their skills on the pitch, fans of cricket and impressive trophies took their turn to lift the World Cup and have their picture taken.

And 12-year-old Keigan Rogerson was one of the first, with mum Kerry Tomlinson on-hand to snap the all-important photo. The pair had travelled from Penrith for their moment with the trophy that Ben Stokes himself held.

“We follow the cricket all over, so we didn’t want to miss this opportunity to see and touch the cup,” Kerry said.

Keigan, who plays cricket for Penrith, added that he was “really excited to see it”.

Cockermouth club’s Junior Coordinator Claire Rawlinson also had her time in the spotlight, and said she was “absolutely over the moon the trophy’s here” before raising it high above her head.

“What an opportunity to have it here,” she said. “It’s amazing that people can lift it, hold it and touch it – you can hold it up and go ‘yay’!”

She added: “It’s also a great opportunity to get people involved with cricket.”

And Cockermouth club captain Gareth White agreed, and grinned from ear-to-ear having his picture taken with the cup.

“It’s a brilliant end to a great summer,” he said. “Having all the kids here and having everyone get involved is exactly what Ben would want.

“He basically grew up at this club, and it’s absolutely brilliant to see boys and girls getting involved and looking up to him.”

Number one Stokes fans, 11-year-olds Flynn Manihera, from Wigton, and Oliver Harris, from Calderbeck, are cricket-mad, and said the beloved cricketer is a “huge inspiration” to them both.

“They want to be him when they grow up,” Flynn’s mum said, laughing.

Oliver was “so excited” to see the trophy, and said: “We’ve seen it on TV, so I can’t wait to lift it.”

Young cricketer Ben Roberts also travelled to see the trophy, with dad Alan and twin sister Eleanor in-tow.

“We watched the cricket every day, so it was brill to hold the trophy,” Ben said.

Alan agreed, and said: “We were watching it on telly thinking ‘we could win this’, and then we did – it was one of those quick moments that really take you by surprise!”

Cockermouth club chairman Steve Chambers loved seeing everyone so excited about the cup, and said: “Getting to have it back in Ben’s hometown is lovely – it’s a cyclical way to end the summer.”

He added: “It’s amazing for the kids too – having Ben be so successful gives them someone to admire, and something to aspire to.”