A TRANSPORT heritage group has been giving a bit of TLC to Workington railway station, with a nod to its heritage and with a show of respect for fallen soldiers in a remembrance display.

Alistair Grey of Workington Transport Heritage Trust said: “A group at the Trust and some of the train crews based at the station have spent a lot of time and effort sprucing the station up.”

Flower arrangements have been installed, including hanging baskets and old fire station buckets adapted as pots.

In a mark of respect for the lives lost in the First World War, a display has also been installed on the station platform by train driver Martin Tweddle, who is also a member of Workington Transport Heritage Trust.

The display includes information about the war, the iconic poppy symbol and a silhouette representing fallen soldiers.

Mr Quinn said: “It’s to show how proud they all are.”

As part of the station’s revamp, volunteers painted the station in retro colours.

Mr Grey said: “They have painted the station in the old pre-nationalisation colours.”

Mr Quinn added: “It goes back to the days of the old station.”

The group also installed an irrigation system for the hanging baskets and they are running a shop in the station.

Renovations to the train station were supported with grants from the town council and the Association of Community Rail Partnerships.

Mr Grey said: “It has made a positive impression – it gives the station a bit of character. It has attracted a lot of comments.”

He said: “Hundreds of hours have gone into it over the years. The people that work down there are all giving up their free time.”