Improved CCTV coverage is a priority in Maryport Town Council’s spending for the coming year.

Funding has also been put aside for a Maritime Festival next summer which will aim to attract visitors as well as residents,

The council’s finance committee, which comprises all councillors, set its 2020/21 budget this week.

It includes several environmental improvements such as more flower displays and introducing winter and spring planting.

Money has been allotted for beach cleaning and ward clean-ups.

The council is also looking to help fund organisations supporting young people whose funding from other sources has been curtailed.

There will be funding for further festivals and for commemorations in May of the 75th anniversary of World War Two.

The council is looking to raise a total of £367,800.

Chairman Carol Tindall said: “This increased budget recognises a need for the council to fund significant service improvements and provide support for the community following a period of severe government reductions in local government grant funding.

“The impact of those cuts has led Cumbria and Allerdale councils to make major reductions in the services they provide. These service cuts are likely to continue in years to come.

“The town council is seeking to develop its budget to enable it to be able to provide some of those services; the alternative would be long grass, dilapidated playgrounds and demolished toilet blocks.

“As well as dealing with the impact of service cuts by other councils, the town council has had to absorb into its budget the cessation of the Council Tax Reduction Scheme Grant, which the government says it expects Allerdale to provide to Maryport, but which Allerdale has decided not to do. This is an impact of around £40,000.”

Town clerk Paul Bramley said increase to most households will be £2.87 per month. The cost of council services is estimated, for the majority, to be around £89 per year, or £1.71 per week.