Children at a Workington school learnt to make their own music thanks to help from the BBC’s Philharmonic Orchestra.

Victoria Junior School pupils took part in workshops with four members of the orchestra as part of the BBC’s Ten Pieces project, which encourages children to discover classical music.

Mike Milner, music teacher at the school, said: “All the children involved had a fantastic day of music making and composing which culminated in a performance for the whole school at the end of the day.”

The music the children composed was inspired by Long Meg and Her Daughters – the stone circle near Penrith.

Mr Milner said: “The members of the philharmonic orchestra explained to the children how it was believed witches had been turned into stones and that’s what they based their composition on.”

Groups of children from Year Four, Five and Six took part in the workshop, with some playing brass instruments, others percussion and members of the school’s choir writing the vocal line.

Mr Milner said the children enjoyed the collaboration and learning to develop their listening skills to create their own music.

He added: “The way they engaged the children was excellent, especially considering we had a mixed age range.

“It was great to see them collaborating to enhance the children’s music skills.”