AS the Brexit Party launched its manifesto, the party’s Workington candidate highlighted the key policies for the constituency.

David Walker said the pledges were a contract rather than a manifesto. “We intend to stick to our pledges, unlike the manifestos of the other parties which often are not followed. For example they all claimed they would honour the result of the 2016 referendum but then clearly didn’t.”

Mr Walker highlighted seven main points of his party’s pledges:

n A return to an accountable form of government; investment in local road and rail schemes, digital infrastructure, high street businesses, tourism and fishing;

n Investment in strategic industries such as steel, railways and defence as well as supporting the nuclear industry and mining;

n Investment in the NHS and social care with 24-hour GP surgeries and removing the degree level requirement for nursing and midwifery;

n Writing off student loan interest charges and introducing tax incentives for employers to take on apprentices;

n Review of Universal Credit;

n Simplifying the planning and development processes to encourage small and medium sized developers, accelerating the pace of development to increase the housing supply, grow jobs, increase investment and utilise brownfield sites and accelerating infrastructure grants.