A Workington betting shop held its very own poll on the general election result for the constituency.

Betfred's boss Fred Done handed out 100 free £10 bets to customers in Workington to place on who they think will win the town's seat, in a bid to establish what "Workington Man" truly thinks about the political mood of the nation.

"Workington man" was identified by political pundits as the target voter for the Tories to win the General Election.

But according to Betfred's poll, while the Conservatives would form the next government, the Workington voters will re-elect Labour's Sue Hayman.

Mr Done said: "We are not talking here about London liberals, but salt of the earth fellas from a traditional Northern town.

“They’ve heard the debate – if you could call it that – and deserve to be listened to. They have provided food for thought to the politicians who ordinary hard working people put in power - and pay their wages.

“My customers have shown common sense, and the politicians should take notice before it’s too late.”

The Betfred result predicts that 50% will vote for Labour in Workington, 35% for Conservative Mark Jenkinson, 12% for The Brexit Party's David Walker – with the Neil Hughes, Liberal Democrat, and two independent candidates, Nicky Cockburn and Roy Invinson, making up the remaining 3%.

Jill Perry is also standing as a Green Party candidate.

When quizzed, the betting shop punters had a dramatically different view on how the nation will decide.

Many Labour backers were concerned about Jeremy Corbyn’s performance in the election hustings to date and the party’s stance on Brexit, with the majority believing that will ultimately mean Boris Johnson keep his Downing Street keys.

Grandad Gerald Holmes, a 64-year-old former electricity board driver, said: “I’ve always been for Labour, but I don’t like Corbyn. I want to stay out of the EU and I think Johnson will deliver that.

“It will be a struggle for Labour, even here in Workington, and I’m going to cast a protest vote and go Conservative.

“My prediction for December 12 is a Conservative majority.”

Retired steelworker John Hodgson, 70, said: “I’m sticking with Labour, even though I’m 100% that we should get out of the EU and worried about the antisemitism row.

“All this stuff about Workington Man has upset the ladies here, because they have a vote too remember.”

Ex-bus company fitter Barry Jones, 80, said: “It’ll be Labour here, but Conservative nationally. I would prefer to stay in the EU and at least Labour are saying we can have another referendum.”

Landscape gardener David Dixon, 55, said: “Labour will, I hope, win locally and nationally. I voted to stay in the EU last time and would do so again."