Christmas can be a dangerous time if you let others in on your passion for something in life. I can recall a Christmas past when a passing reference to finding Wallace & Gromit funny led to a stocking-full of gifts based on Aardman’s classic series from a close family member.

So what should you get for your cycling-obsessed loved one this Christmas time?

You could go practical. Lights are always popular and you can never have enough of them as I found out on my way home the other night and one of mine ran out of juice.

It used to be a relatively simple process, and should be. However, it is now all about the lumens and there’s a vast and baffling array of choice out there – and some hefty prices – so do be careful.

Clothing is always good too. But make sure you check the fit. There may be an awkward moment on Boxing Day squeezing a Christmas paunch into a professional-fit jersey. It may be best, therefore, to plump for something which goes on underneath. OK, a vest might not be on everyone’s list of top-10 pressies, but you’ll be extremely popular giving a merino base layer to wear in these cold winter months.

Or why not treat your bike-obsessed family member with something to help them make a statement on the ride? Online retailer Quirky Jerseys has a full-range of jerseys from retro designs to the weird and wacky in a full range of styles and sizes.

If choosing the right clothing is a bit daunting for you, then why not take a look at Cumbrian-based The Northern Line’s range of fantastic prints which look great on any wall.

But perhaps as we all try to reduce the amount of plastic packaging, maybe the perfect cycling-themed gift is something which isn’t an object. Picture your loved ones excited little face when they find out you’ve signed them up for a sportive next year (Fred Whitton or Mallorca 312 anyone?), or get them a membership to British Cycling or Cycling UK. There are many benefits to membership of either, including insurance in the event of an accident.

Books are always a safe bet. Not a year goes by without a professional cyclist publishing a book of his or her road to fame and fortune. Then there’s the wilderness-category of stories of long-distance endeavours generally summed up with: sleeping by the roadside, eating dodgy food and being chased by dogs.

Another idea is to pre-order comedian and artist Timmy Mallet’s new book which is out in the new year and follows his journey across Northern Spain on the Camino de Santiago in memory of the death of his brother. I can certainly vouch for the route which is a fantastic journey.

How did Timmy get on? Well you’ll have to ask Santa for the book to find out.

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“Utterly Brilliant!: My Life’s Journey” by Timmy Mallett is out on January 16 2020 and published by SPCK Publishing.