A PARLIAMENTARY candidate for Workington stormed out of a hustings after the audience laughed at the responses of a fellow hopeful.

Nicky Cockburn, who is standing as an independent, left half way through the event at Christ Church in Cockermouth last week after some attendees laughed after Conservative Mark Jenkinson, answering a question on NHS funding, said that his party would recruit 30,000 extra nurses.

Mr Jenkinson muttered the words: “That’s very rude.”

And when it was her turn to answer the question, Mrs Cockburn said: “I find the behaviour of some of you in the audience appalling and as such I’m leaving.”

Mr Jenkinson did not comment further, however answering the last question of the evening on how important honesty and integrity are in MPs and ministers, he said that the current culture saw people waiting to take small comments out of context at every opportunity.

He added people should respect others’ opinions instead of shouting and booing.

After Mrs Cockburn left the room, Neil Hughes, Lib Dem candidate, said: “I think we have an excellent audience and I thank you for your participation.”

Labour’s Sue Hayman, the Green Party’s Jill Perry, Brexit Party’s David Walker and Independent Roy Ivinson, also took part in the event, answering questions about the role tourism plays in traffic increase in the Lake District, along with Brexit, the climate emergency, poverty, policing, and tactical voting.

Tonight candidates are due to be questioned at another hustings chaired by the Ven Richard Pratt, Archdeacon of West Cumberland, at St Michael's Church in Workington at 6.30pm.