A group of young people are campaigning to stop loneliness this Christmas and beyond.

The project started when members of the Ewanrigg School Mini Police discovered that loneliness was a real issue, with one child admitting that he could spend four hours in the evening talking to nobody at all.

After the success of last year's Mini Police, who gained national recognition, Allison Lancaster, who leads the project, set up an after school club so last year's Mini Police could return and work with the new group.

They have now made a video which is already being picked up in other centres outside the county.

The video is aimed at getting Maryport to talk and to listen.

It suggests that families play a game or tackle a project together. It urges children and adults to put away their devices for a tie and talk to each other.

The Mini Police also plan to make more regular visits to Coffee and Crack at the Ewanrigg Community Centre to talk to elderly people.