Official plans for Lidl’s latest West Cumbrian venture have been submitted, and look set to be accepted by the council.

The application states that up to 40 full-time jobs will be created by opening the 1900m sq supermarket, to be built on New Bridge Road, in Workington.

A car park with 122 spaces as well as bike racks will also be built for the store.

Allerdale Borough Councillors feel positive about Lidl’s latest Cumbrian venture, with Councillor Paul Scott saying: “I think if it provides jobs and improves the area, it can only be good.

“It’ll boost property prices and lower food costs from a local point of view, and it’ll be great from a national point of view as well.”

He added: “It’s only going to improve the area and give the town more money, so I just can’t see a downside to it.”

Attention was drawn to the development when Lidl bought the land from the Allerdale Investment Partnership in April, following its Maryport store opening in 2016.

The Workington store will be another step in the company’s growth plan, hoping to see 50 new stores a year open across the UK.

Councillor Daniel Horsley is on the development panel, and while he remains open “to both sides” of the proposal, he is in favour of “any sustainable business that provides jobs to the area”.

“If a business doesn’t interfere with other businesses and it provides jobs to local people, it’ll benefit the town, which is of course a good thing,” he said.

The council received a letter opposing the plans, suggesting that the “out of town location would impact Workington town centre” amongst other fears.

A letter of approval was also received, stating that “the other discount supermarket in Workington is too small for the population of the town”.

The plans will be discussed at a development panel on December 17, and are recommended to be approved subject to conditions.