Workington has voted in a Conservative MP for the first time since 1979 so let's look at what Mark Jenkinson has promised for the area.

Mr Jenkinson won with 20,488 votes, ahead of Labour's Sue Hayman with 16,312.

In his campaign he said the Conservatives will:

  • Deliver more well-paid local jobs, capitalising on our proud past to build the businesses of tomorrow;
  • Ensure that we have the physical and digital infrastructure we need to succeed;
  • Support our town centres – delivering transformational results with the £50m-plus funding awards for Workington, Maryport and beyond from a Conservative government.

He also said that with a majority Conservative government, they can get Brexit done, and then focus on domestic priorities.

This will include an investment of £33.9 billion extra for the NHS, 20,000 extra police officers, and more funding for every pupil in every school in the Workington constituency, all enabled by a growing economy.