A WANDERING white goose has been rescued in Maryport.

Emma Kelt, of Forever Friends Small Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, and an AniMel Haven volunteer had just completed the school run when they spotted the lonely bird in the middle of Ewanrigg Road, Maryport.

And despite the pouring rain, the duo jumped out – dressing gowns on – and carried out a literal wild goose chase, finally rescuing the lost goose and taking her to AniMel Haven.

"Mel already has a few geese, so she's settling in quite well while she waits for her owner to come forward," Emma said.

And although she has no distinguishing features, described simply as "a typical white goose with an orange beak", Emma added: "She's quite a friendly goose – she didn't try and fight with us or anything once we'd caught her!"

The caring pair believe they know who the owner is, but are unable to track them down.

Emma said: "We think we know the person who owns her – they have about six geese, but they just stay in an abandoned farmhouse and keep getting out into the road.

"Even if nobody comes forward to take her home, she's safe and well looked after at AniMel Haven."

If you have any information on the goose, contact Emma through the Forever Friends Small Animal Rescue and Sanctuary Facebook page.